The problem with many residential & light commercial AC systems is that they’re often installed in hard-to-reach places, making it difficult for users to validate their UV system is functioning properly, or even at all?

Sanuvox UVC systems help to improve HVAC Hygiene your air conditioners cooling coils 24/7.

With the Saber PRO Wireless’ occupants can check in real-time via a LCD display, that the UV light is functioning properly and even know when they are due for a UV Lamp replacement. This guarantees they’ll benefit from their investment and enjoy improved IAQ and AC hygiene for many years to come.

The Sanuvox, Saber PRO Wireless UV System uses a powerful 16” UVC Lamp to bask the cooling coil with germicidal UV light and improve HVAC hygiene. The UVC destroys and prevents microbial growth on the coil and surrounding areas. The accompanying wireless LCD display can then be mounted on any wall in the home allowing the end-user and installer to monitor system performance in real-time.

The UV Lamp itself is powered by a low voltage 24VAC ballast wired into the equipment (240V step-down transformer available separately). The system communicates via a wireless signal (RFID) to the LCD display that can be placed virtually anywhere in the home.

The LCD display provides important user information, such as Sterilization in progress, Lamp out, Ballast out and a real-time “Lamp life” monitor to prompt the customer to call their AC service provider to replace the UV Lamp at the end of its 1 year operating life and inspect the system as part of an annual maintenance programme.

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